Is it time to replace your weighbridge? Look for these five signs.

Businesses in the modern era of technology aim to increase efficiency and productivity. Likewise, with the development of weighing technologies, it’s easier to stay efficient even in the busiest hours. However, the development of technology does not only mean the planting of new machines; it also means regularly monitoring their performance and analysing their efficacy.

Trucks should be able to move automobiles and other heavy cargos without being too weighed, and load scales must function properly. Weighbridges ensure the proper weight of trucks with loaded cargo. Without a functioning weighbridge system, the safety of trucks and trailers is compromised.

Do you know how to determine whether a weighbridge is healthy? How can you tell if your weighbridge needs to be replaced? Here’s how.

It’s a good idea to understand what causes the problems in the first place before you diagnose the signs that your weighbridge needs to be replaced. Knowing this information could help you avoid issues and prolong the life of your weighbridge. Many factors cause the problems in your weighbridge;

Improper loading: In order to determine whether it’s time to replace your weighbridge, verify that each load cell functions according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Improper loads can distort the weight.

The Environment: Your weighbridge’s accuracy depends greatly on the environment. Wind, temperature changes, and pressure differentials can affect load cell signals.

Signal Interference: You must consider both loading cells and signal regarding weighbridge accuracy. Besides radio frequency interference (RFI), moisture and electromagnetic interference (EMI) can also interfere with electronic signals.

After identifying some causes of malfunctioning weighbridges, you should learn when to replace them. Remember that you do not have to replace your weighbridge every time it malfunctions.

Uneven scale readings:

If the scales show inconsistent readings, you should replace them. To check this, place an object onto the load cell a few times. If the weight changes significantly, you likely have a problem with your scale. Expect the same reading every time. You may need to perform a quick calibration if this does not resolve the issue; it’s time for a replacement.

Readability of display:


Scale display screens that are difficult to read may be due for a replacement. The display may be burned out, or the power supply could malfunction. Make sure the display shows zero if no objects are on the scale. If not, your scales may need calibrating or replacing.

Drifting Readings:

The weight drifts when the readings do not stay the same. An electronic malfunction usually causes this. You will notice that the weight shifts while the object is on the scale. Low humidity is a major cause of drifting. Humidity fluctuations create static electricity in the air.  As a result, it causes static build-up on the load cells and the weight controller.

Inaccuracy Between Scales

When you suspect a weighbridge is malfunctioning, the best way to find out is to put it on a different scale. When the faulty scale differs from the calibrated scale, you know there is a problem. You should do this every few months or annually, depending on how often you use it. Calibrate the weighbridge, but if it gives inaccurate figures, replace it.

Rust and Corrosion:

Weighbridges that don’t operate properly are not always a technical issue. Mechanical problems can also occur. Scale parts, such as load cells, can degrade and malfunction when exposed to chemicals or water. Due to this, you must choose a weighbridge that is capable of withstanding multiple outdoor environments.

You will want to replace your scale if you notice any of these signs so that you can rest assured you aren’t going against any regulations required by your business.

By reading the above article, you will likely have gained sufficient knowledge on when to replace your weighbridges, allowing you to decide at the right time. Having said that, if you still require additional information or clarifications, Trakblaze is the industry leader and ready to answer any of your questions. Besides, they offer various high-quality weighbridges to meet your weighing needs.