A stress-free operation and improved engine cooling at high speed are all promised by the hero xpulse 200 4v 

The xpulse 200 is a runaway success because it is equally appealing for someone who started to learn the basics of off-road riding as well as the person who is tired of his boring office shuttle filled with bad roads. The recently upgraded top speed of hero xpulse 200 4v gave us this. Here are some features of hero xpulse 200, how it affects the riding experience and whether it is a worthy choice.

Design and package

In terms of design, there is no extra charge except for a little bit of xpulse’s grooming. There are new colour schemes on offer including matte grey, matte green, sports red, panther red, and white. Apart from this, the design elements and other values remain the same. The mounting points are capable of carrying huge luggage which doubles up as pillion grab rails. The LED light at the front offers a good flash, with the front and rear fender placed high enough to prevent dirt from splashing onto your face. It carries the tall, rugged, and ready-to-take-on-anything formula which catches a lot of eyes. Along with the new paint plans, the hero makes it feel more premium by changing the switchgear on the new xpulse. It continues with the same instrument panel with vital readings like an indicator, tachometer, gear position, speedometer, and odometer.

Riding comfort

The parts have been imitated from the previous version which says that the riding condition is largely the same. You get the motorcycle with a tall seat, wide and tall handlebar, and a neutral set of footrests. The riding triangle is restful and enjoyable; it won’t break your back even during long travel situations. The seat is extremely comfortable enough for the riders and provides the right amount of support.


The engine is where the major change has happened. Usually, it has two valves, but Xpulse 200 has four. This means the input and exhaust valves are smaller and lighter helping which leps the bike to move faster. Since the parts are smaller and lighter, it is more durable. However, the new version can rev higher and strike its comfortable spot from double-digit to a triple-digits top speed of hero xpulse 200 4v at around 107kmph.


The big wheels and long suspension travel is capable of absorbing even the worst holes with ease. Additionally, due to its low kerbstone weight, it feels confident while trailing off the roads. Both the suspensions are expected to have more than 180 mm of travel to gear any type of road condition they experience. The bike features spoke wheels at both ends for both on-road and off-road comfort.


With top-end performance, the new xpulse 200 4v on-road price in Kochi with four valves has higher advantages than the previous two-valve model. If you decide to buy the bike, do not forget to purchase two-wheeler insurance. Because insurance promises coverage for theft, personal accident, third-party liability, accidents, calamities, fire & explosion, etc.