What would you do if you have locked your car keys in the car

A very common mistake made by drivers all over the world is locking the keys in their cars. But this mistake can turn into a nightmare if you discover that you had locked your car keys inside the car and you are out in the middle of nowhere and there is no one you could reach out to for help. In this helpless situation, the problem is not easy to fix. In these situations, it is also common that your house keys are also inside the car along with the car keys and it’s crucial that you have to find a solution so that you could get them out of the car. In this article, there are some tips and advice on things that you should do if you find that you have locked your keys inside the car.

Is it advisable to break into the car and get the keys out?

This is not a piece of advice that you should consider. Do not try to use force on the locks or the doors of the car because it might lead to irreversible damage. Another dangerous thing to do is to think of breaking the window because not only would this damage the car but you can injure yourself or others if someone else is traveling with you. There are different ways to obtain keys from the locked car, but breaking the window to retrieve the keys means you need to pay a lot of money for the repair. Besides, your insurance is not going to pay you for this damage because breaking the window of the car to retrieve the keys is violating the clauses of the insurance and you cannot file a claim. 

Is it advisable to call the police for help?

No, it is not advisable to call the police for help either as locking the keys inside the car cannot be deemed an emergency, and calling 999 would not help you to get out of it. It’s better to find a spare key, and FYI, for those who think a spare key is not important while buying a car, spare keys can prove to be a lifesaver in these situations. Visit the website locksmithsfinchley.com to get your spare car key today. In exceptional situations, where you have a baby or a pet inside the car and have locked your car keys inside the car, you can call the police for help. Besides, if the roads are slippery and if you feel that standing outside the car can be risky for your health, immediately call the police for help. Assess your situation and then call the police for help.

Is it viable to call the insurance for help?

There is not much the insurance could do in these situations, therefore, calling the insurance could not be a good solution to the problem. However, some auto insurances offer key cover as a part of your car insurance policy. In these cases, you can call the insurance for help as they will be able to offer you a replacement for your car keys. But if you have locked the car keys inside the car then retrieving them instead of replacing them seems to be a good idea. 

What would be the best thing to do to retrieve my car keys if it is locked inside the car?

The best thing is to call a 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith as soon as possible. This is the best resolution for retrieving the car keys that have been accidentally locked inside the car. They have been trained specially and have the equipment that is needed to open a car without a key. However, you would need to provide your auto locksmith with some information like the make and model of the car, where did you leave the keys inside your car, and how old your car is. Because based on these instructions your locksmith will find out a technique to gain entry to your car without damaging it. The auto locksmiths access your car without damaging any part of it and reunite you with your car key as soon as possible.