Racext Motorcycle Mechanic Online Course Review

A few weeks ago, turning on the web, I came across a very particular advertisement, this advertisement sponsored an elusive online course of mechanics for motorcycles, having ten years of experience in the sector I immediately thought that it was yet another scam on the web, then I decided, I would have purchased the course to evaluate it and unmask the alleged scam.

the course in question is the course sponsored by racext ™ ️ actually established in the world of motorcycle and car parts sales, but until that moment unknown to me in the training market, so I’m going to do some research before purchase in order to have a completely clear situation.


“At Racext we want to offer the opportunity to train as mechanics to all those people who cannot enjoy our face-to-face training.

For this we have prepared this online training course in which you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge to effectively perform repairs and preventive maintenance on your motorcycle.

The training is completely online, so you can study anywhere with no time or place limits. It is the perfect option to combine it with other studies or jobs.”

Doing some research on the web I discover to my great surprise that the company has been dealing with training on mechanics for years, mainly in Europe with thousands of students, which is why I had never heard of it, the starting market was different, all this, however, does not extinguish my doubts, how can you teach such practical “online” skills, so I decide to do an in-depth study and buy the course, in the end, I can find it discounted at just under $ 100, never mind, I am determined to try it and then take advantage of the 30-day return policy,

I am looking for the course is sold by 3 different websites, so intrigued, I ask for explanations of this to the assistance via WhatsApp who explains to me that depending on the country they use different websites digitalnow.it for Italy, racesleader.com for Australia and racext.com for the rest of the world, but I recommend the latter which gives direct access to all content in all languages, unlike the previous ones.

it’s DONE, I bought the Racext ™ course ️ – is it a scam?

after the last doubt I decide to make the purchase I go to Racext.com, and a well-done sales lending page appears

which however does not fill my doubts I click on the first link and add the course to the cart, I pay thanks to PayPal and ….


the payment process was quite simple and quick, normal e-commerce, once the payment was made, I have the possibility to immediately download all the contents of the course, but being on the smartphone I decide to close, and download everything on the pc.

In fact, they sent me an email with all the accesses to the course, the course is well done

there is a theoretical part that expresses all the basic concepts and theory, I am surprised, it seems that nothing is missing, safety lessons, basic mechanics, electronics, there are also practical lessons that explain all the mechanisms and strategies for the repair of your own motorcycle.

2 weeks go by I’m still studying the course, to find some weak points, but I can’t find any I’m honest, I get an email they are the guys from the racext ™ team ️, they tell me to take the exam, I’m not ready, here I found a criticism, I send an angry email, saying that it is unthinkable to have all these concepts studied in just 2 weeks that they are scammers, everything is designed to not get certified.

I am contacted by Steve, who explains to me that I don’t have to worry because the 2-week deadline is not an obligation, I have 12 months to take the exam and all the time to be able to study and review in peace,


I feel ready I already have the experience and I know all the concepts in depth, I access the exam, nothing complicated, multiple choice questions, and I do a nice 95 out of 100 I’m happy, the exam seems a little too simple though, send an e-mail to ask for my certificate, the girl from the center compliments me and explains that I have passed the pre-exam, tells me that I will have to carry out an exam via chat with a human operator, sets the date …

The day of the exam arrives

I am contacted by one of the professors Riccardo, he introduces himself and after the pleasantries, we start with the exam, he focuses on the wrong questions and explains the concepts and what should be fixed, tells me to review the video section on the carburetor and issues me the certificate, I’m happy it all started as a challenge, but that sheet of paper that certifies my knowledge today makes me proud and amazed at the progress that technology has made, I really recommend a path of these to anyone