Packing for Motorcycle Trips with Kriega Bags

Taking a motorcycle road trip is an exciting experience. Getting off the beaten path can mean getting off the grid. Motorcycle trips can be unpredictable, so make sure you’re prepared and bring your essentials. While packing your things might be challenging, it is vital to consider Kriega bags that can protect your luggage. Kriega bags can rebalance weight and withstand the terrain while riding on a long trip. Besides, these bags can provide convenience and assurance that your essentials are well-packed and in good condition. 

Advantages of using Kriega Bags

If you’re planning to take a long motorcycle ride, the benefits of a Kriega bag will become evident once you start riding. The Kriega bag’s QUAD LOC-Lite harness system makes fitting the pack a breeze. It distributes the weight over a wide area, eliminating the stress points that tend to fail. Also, it’s easy to access your belongings in the front compartment.

The Kriegadrybag, for example, looks right at home on modern bikes and riding gear. The rip-stop nylon material, chunky straps, and harness make it easy to put on and take off. The Kriega logo is minimal, making it easy to hide in the cuffs of your motorcycle jacket or pants. In addition, its reflective panels give it high visibility while allowing you to keep your head down at high speeds.

Furthermore, top boxes are also helpful for packing electronics and work gear. They are great for securing your helmet and work bag without affecting the width of your bike or your filtering ability. This bag is perfect for storing necessary paperwork and quick-access items, such as your wallet and cell phone. However, top boxes can affect aerodynamics. Short plastic top boxes can reduce wind buffeting.

A Kriega US-Combo 40 motorcycle bag kit offers plenty of space for a weekend away. The US-Combo 40 kit is lightweight and secure, allowing you to ride without worrying about luggage frames or snaking bungee straps. It’s easy to expand the size of the bags as your needs change. Its modular design lets you quickly add and remove them from your motorcycle. You can also invest on motorcycle luggage rack to avoid overpacking. 

To know more about Kriega Bags, read this infographic from Motorrad Garage. You can visit their website to learn more.