INTHEAIR Cityrider Electric bike review: A leisurely e-bike with perfect for commuter 

In 2022, the North American market could see stronger motors and faster e-bikes that account for the bulk of the market. However, INTHEAIR chose to run counter to everyone and launched this INTHEAIR cityrider, which is different from the hot products in the past market. But INTHEAIR cityrider is designed for comfortable living. Not only does this take the load off the rider’s ride with a bulky fat bike, but it’s also the best affordable e-bike. This e-bike is a step-by-step e-bike perfectly designed for urban commuting.

In terms of design, although INTHEAIR cityrider does not have many revolutionary and innovative designs, it is the simplest and most affordable electric bicycle. Cityrider can meet your daily urban riding needs, such as shopping, commuting, taking children, outdoor riding, etc.

As far as INTHEAIR cityrider is concerned, its design is quite good. In this industry, it is a particularly cost-effective electric bicycle within 1,000 yuan. It is equipped with a lot of used kits, such as shelf fenders, etc., and it is equipped with a 350w rear brushless motor, with a maximum speed of 20mph. You don’t have to worry about riding too fast in the city, and the power it can provide is higher than the average urban cruising bicycle level. The maximum riding distance of the 36v 10a battery can reach 30-40miles. This fully meets your short-distance daily driving. The step-by-step design is more convenient to get on and off the car, and it also provides riding opportunities for more cyclists. A feature previously considered only available on women’s commuter bikes, the step-through frame offers significant benefits to all riders, and the handlebars are adjustable in height and angle 10°-50° to suit your height and ride Get used to it to adjust to the most suitable height. Riders with a lot of stuff on the rear rack may find it difficult to swing their legs on a stock bike. Shorter or heavier riders may find it easier to ride the bike, as does anyone with knee or balance issues.

INTHEAIR Cityrider tech specs

Motor: 350W rear hub motor

Top speed: 20-ish mph (37-ish km/h)

Range: 32-42 miles  depending on throttle/pedal assist

Battery: 36V 10Ah (360 Wh) with LG cells

Max load: 300 lb (136 kg)

Frame: 6061 aluminum, step-through style

Tires:26″ x1.95″

Suspension: Front spring suspension fork

Brakes: mechanical disc brakes with 80 mm rotors

Extras: LCD display with speedometer, battery gauge, PAS level indicator, odometer, light status indicator, front and rear LED lights, half-twist throttle, included rear rack, included fenders

One of the most affordable electric bikes for commuting

While the best-selling e-bikes on the market over the past year have become increasingly rich in design and features, their prices have also continued to rise, but the INTHEAIR cityrider has a price of $999 that most people can afford. Most people can afford it, but the build materials don’t cut corners and buy a bunch of cheap configurations. Not everyone needs a powerful or powerful e-bike for commuting. INTHEAIR has instead made smart choices in terms of integration of functions and finishes to make urban mobility as enjoyable as possible.

For example, 36V 10Ah 360 Wh capacity, or just on throttle is enough for about 20 miles of range (although the 20 mph top speed doesn’t help you ride too fast on the throttle until the cruising range is reached).

If you can allow yourself to keep the pedal assist and put in some honest effort while the motor assists you, you can reach an even wider range of 42 miles.

However, there is more to e-bike batteries than just capacity. Let’s take a moment to appreciate what the integrated battery looks like. Obviously, this is not the whole masterpiece of INTHEAIR, because the battery is usually an OEM product. But INTHERAIR picked the right wraps here, one of which blends well with the downtube and looks great. The battery inside the frame doesn’t look out of place – a clever white and black paint job curves the frame to give the impression of being slim. The sleek design of the battery allows you to show off this stylish alternative at the office or school; moreover, the INTHEAIR Cityrider Electric Bike fully charges the battery in just 4- 5 hours, which is great for afternoon charging after your daily commute .

The motor is more than adequate for the daily commuter, delivering 350 watts of peak power for a top speed of around 20-00 mph. With that much power, you actually get some serious help at higher pedal assist levels. The saddle is also very nice, and the pedal assist allows you to enjoy the ride fast.

There’s a cadence based pedal assist system with a delay of about a second or so when you’re pedaling the motor is hooked up to the cadence and speed sensors so when you start pedaling it jumps to full power at the current settings .

The Shimano 7-speed shifter is basic hardware, but works fine. If I paid more then I’d like to see slightly better components that last longer between adjustments, but this is a $999 e-bike and you can’t really climb the Shimano ranks for that price. They’re not fancy mechanical disc brakes, but they get the job done. At least we got 180mm rotors instead of the 160mm base-level rotors.

The tires are unexpected on such a low-cost bike, and the 26″ x 1.95″ hard tires are a good choice. They provide some traction on wet gravel or pavement, but mud and sand are harder to overcome. To be honest, we had a similar situation with our suspension forks. It was fine, but nothing special. I’ve seen cheaper ones and better ones – this one is definitely mid-road, which makes it good for basic commuting use. INTHEAIR bucks the luxury trend by offering a no-compromise commuter package for $999. INTHEAIR cityrider Step-Through has lower prices on e-bikes.

Buying an e-bike can be expensive. However, it’s worth it. Compared to other bikes in the same price range and quality, the NTHEAIR cityrider Step-Through is an excelle

nt choice. The INTHEAIR Cityrider Step-Through costs $999.00. We will not compare the price of e-bikes alone, but the prices of the accessories that come with the e-bike. The NTHEAIR cityrider Step-Through comes with free accessories like water bottle holders, fenders, and rear racks, saving you up to $100, depending on your bike. INTHEAIR Cityrider is a very worth buying electric bike.