Car Detailing Services in Canada

Canada’s car washing and detailing industry has seen steady growth over recent years. More and more Canadians are opting for their own vehicle over public transport. As a result, the demand for such services is also increasing and many new businesses are jumping on this opportunity to establish themselves in the industry.  


Canada’s harsh weather conditions result in vehicles requiring more care in comparison with other places. Car detailing services are more of a necessity than a luxury in this part of the world. The industry has been evolving quickly over the last few years to keep up with the demand and the pressure from federal, provincial, and municipal laws. The cost of utilities such as water and electricity has risen quite dramatically in recent times. This has caused businesses to innovate to be more sustainable with their usage of these utilities. The Canadian economy is expected to grow over the next few years, putting more vehicles on the road. 

Evolution of Car Detailing Businesses

Alt Text: Evolution of Car Detailing Businesses

 The increased number of cars on the road along with the increasing demand for car detailing services has resulted in businesses evolving to keep up with the competition. Many businesses are putting more emphasis on different aspects of the business typically left neglected. One of the biggest points of areas businesses are focussing on is customer experience. Customer experience is something that has been historically ignored by such businesses. However, nowadays, more and more business owners are trying to provide a convenient and pleasant experience for their clientele. 

Additionally, the rising cost of real estate has made it extremely difficult for aspiring business owners to open a physical location. The increasing focus on customer experience and the rising costs of running a physical location has given birth to mobile car detailing services. Many savvy entrepreneurs are offering mobile car detailing services at your doorsteps. This makes it extremely easy for car owners to get their vehicle detailed from the comfort of their homes. This business model also allows the business owner to reach a wider customer base while keeping their costs low. The inception of mobile car detailers is proving to be a win-win for both the business owners and the clients.

Mobile Car Detailing in Vancouver

Alt Text: Mobile Car Detailing in Vancouver

Finding a reliable and competent car detailing service to make sure your vehicle looks its finest can be a tedious task. Shiny Auto-detailing in Vancouver is a full-service mobile car detailing business that has been serving a large satisfied customer base in the region. They come to you with all the equipment, water, and electricity needed to provide you with the best detailing for your car. If you are looking for any services relating to car detailing including paint polishing, scratch restoration, minor dent removal, etc. Shiny Auto-Detailing can help you at an affordable price. The team at Shiny Auto has been trained extensively to take great care of your vehicle and maintain its standards of service. The team focuses on offering you the best services, while ensuring sustainable practices by using eco-friendly products, along with up to 90% less water than traditional DIY car washes. Shiny Auto prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to provide great detailing to your vehicles inside and out.

 If you are looking for a convenient way to get your vehicle detailed, the Shiny Auto team is here to help you. You can book an appointment with them and have them come to wherever you want your car cleaned.

Why You Should Choose Shiny’s Mobile Car Detailing 

A good car detailing service can help you keep your car looking as good as new for years to come. Proper care and detailing would preserve the paint and interior of your car and prevent further damage. Shiny specializes in offering a wide range of affordable detailing services for your car, van, truck, or SUV. If you are looking to sell your car or just want it to look like it’s brand new, Shiny Auto can help you maximize its potential. 

The team at Shiny Auto also offers an extremely easy online booking system that allows you to book a session without even picking up the phone. You can go to Shiny Auto’s official website and find the available time slots and pricing for your specific vehicle. Shiny offers a highly transparent and user-friendly experience to its customers making it very easy to book an appointment. 

The team at Shiny Auto offers a great experience for their clients and makes sure they are happy with their services. This has resulted in a great track record and amazing reviews from customers over the years. You can be sure that you will get exactly what you are looking for with Shiny.


What type of vehicles do detailers offer services for?

The type of vehicles detailers offer services for depends on the facility and equipment they have. Many detailing shops are not big enough to fit large commercial vehicles. However, this is a problem mobile auto detailers do not encounter as they come to you. Therefore, you can find detailers for your vehicle regardless of what type it is.

How frequently should I detail my car?

To ensure your car’s interior and exterior stay in optimal health you should consider detailing your car twice a year. However, how often you detail your car depends on your personal preference and the wear and tear on your vehicle. Detailing your car also increases its resale value. Therefore, it is something worth considering if you are looking to sell your car.

Can car detailers remove pet hair from my car’s interior?

Pet hair in cars is something car detailers deal with regularly. Many car detailers use specialized vacuum cleaners along with manual cleaning methods to rid your car of pet hair.

How long does a car detailing session take?

How long it takes to detail your car depends on its condition and the detailing package you have chosen. It can take anywhere from an hour up to an entire day. Many detailers keep your vehicles for a considerably long period of time, which can be an inconvenience for some. This is one of the reasons why mobile auto detailers are gaining popularity as they can save the car owner the commute and any wasted time, while the car sits at the detailers’.

Do leather seats require special care?

Yes, leather seats cannot be cleaned the same way as fabric and require special products for upkeep. Most modern cars have a vinyl coating on their leather upholstery, which offers extra protection. However, your interior still needs regular cleaning and care. Regular leather conditioners do not get through the small perforations in the vinyl coating and hence good quality liquid conditioners are recommended. 


Keeping good care of your car’s interior and exterior can help you preserve its value for the years to come. This means when you are hiring an auto detailer you want to make sure you can trust them with your investment. Finding someone who will take care of your vehicle like it’s their own can be difficult. At Shiny Auto you can be sure that the team will give your car the treatment it deserves. As well as, make the process as easy and pleasant for you as possible. 

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