All You Need to Know About Buying a Fifth Wheel Model


Among all the types of RVs or Recreational Vehicles, the Fifth Wheel stands out by setting up a large-sized picture window at the rear end. Fifth Wheels, being one of the most popular RV kinds, has even more in store to offer its users exotic panoramic views while serving them utmost comfort through the range of hospitability features loaded in them, shared the Ankeny Fifth Wheel dealer.

Fifth Wheels are no different from other RV types if you compare the amenities they usually provide. As one of the most popular motorhomes, the fifth wheel RVs are often referred to as travel trailers but the only difference you find in them is the prominently raised front section to give the mainstay a more spacious floor plan to create a second-level. The fifth wheel models are purposefully designed to get towed either by a pickup truck or an SUV. That is why the fifth-wheel RVs are built with a device known as a fifth-wheel hitch. But that is not all. Fifth wheels are gaining more and more popularity because they also provide the following amenities:

Sleeping Accommodation

A fifth-wheel RV will always be large enough to provide sleeping accommodations to at least 4 people, on its ground level. But the greatest advantage is that you can increase that number to eight by adding a second level to it.

Larger Living Area

The second advantage of traveling on a fifth wheel is getting a larger area for living. The space will accommodate a complete set of seating for eight people, even after leaving enough floor space for the kids to scatter their board game accessories. Hence, the travelers can spend quality time together sitting in one place while enjoying the passing scenarios outside the window.

Large Entertainment Systems

You can turn your fifth wheel mainstay into several mini theaters since all the fifth wheels come fitted with large entertainment systems. While you can fit the biggest screen in the living area, the rest you can fit into your bedrooms, all separated to provide ample privacy.

Large Washroom

Traveling in a fifth wheel will also benefit you when you feel like freshening up. There is more than one washroom, attached to the bedrooms and kitchen hall, to make sure everyone gets their chance to take a shower and cleanse themselves.

Ample Storage

RVs are meant for long travels. Therefore, there has to be quite a load of items, especially when you are traveling in large groups. The fifth wheel comes here to your rescue. It will provide you ample storage for all of you. Starting from numerous closets to cupboards, the fifth wheel will help you hide all the travel bags, and maintain a neat look, all your journey.

Residential Kitchen        

As a residential mainstay, the fifth wheels complete the circle of perfection by sparing a large section for the residential kitchen, fully equipped with the latest appliances. You can cook your food there, without a hassle and enjoy homemade delicacies at the seat outs you can lay in every fifth wheel model, suggested the sales team of the Ankeny Fifth Wheel dealership.