Why Auto Body Shops are Also Called Collision Repair Shops?

When we drive through cities and highways, we often see garages where the mechanics are busy repairing them. Mostly we see the names as “auto body shops” or “auto collision repair shop Manistee, MI”. If you too are curious to know, if both mean the same, then we must say “yes”.

If you ask “why”, then here are the explanations we have received from the team leader of the mechanics who serve at the most reputed CDA Collision body shop. They also took pleasure in explaining, why this category of auto shops is named this way. We found their explanations quite interesting and felt it to be worth sharing.

Why Are They Called Auto Body Shops?

Parallel to the auto manufacturing industry runs the repair industry of the same. However, the repair industry of automobiles is divided into two major categories. One is the “Auto Repair” and the other, “Auto Body Shop”. In this, the former one focuses on repairing only the mechanical parts of a vehicle that is directly responsible for its movement. The engine, transmission, brakes, wheels, and tires are included in the “auto repair” industry, whereas, the “auto body shops” as the name suggests deal only with the static physical parts of the vehicle, which are not directly involved in the movement of the car.

On “auto body shops”, the mechanics offer all those services that bring back the original shape and look of a vehicle. Right from the exterior to the interior, the auto body shops deal with all those damages that are related to the “body” of the vehicle, and not its mechanisms. Hence, they are primarily known as the “Auto Body Shops”

Why Are Auto Body Shops Also Known as Collision Repair Shops?

When a car meets with a collision, the first level of damage it suffers happens to its physical components or its body. In cases of minor collisions, the vehicle can have physical damages like a scratch, a dent, on its body surface. Sometimes, it can also cause the windshield to chip off or crash down. In the most severe collisions, a vehicle can face still harsh damages like structural or frame damage.

All these damages are repaired at only the auto body shops, where the mechanics can offer a wide range of auto body repair services like dent and scratch repair, windshield replacement, bumper, and fender repair or replacement, frame straightening, headlight, and auto collision repair tulsa ok. Finally, the auto body shops deliver the collision-damaged vehicle in its original shape and appearance, by doing a nice paint job on it.

The aim of this chain of “Auto Body Shops” is to make the owners forget about the fateful collision that had caused so much damage to their vehicles. Therefore, these shops are also known as “collision repair shops”. The mechanics of the Coeur d’Alene collision body shop added to their explanation that some “Auto Body Shops” specialize in treating collision-caused damages. Therefore, they prefer their shops to be named as “collision repair centers”, which also helps the car owners to find them easily when they are troubled with the accidents and need immediate assistance for their damaged car.