Car Paint Auckland

Which Is The Best Car Paint Auckland For My Car?

Painting your automobile may give it a new lease on life and be a fun way to make it feel new and appealing with a new colour. While most individuals delegate this task to car paint Auckland specialists, you can complete it on your own too.

One thing you must decide is which paint and car paint protection fruita co to use. You can chat with the painter and have them choose paint for you if you’re having your car professionally painted.

Which Materials Are Used In Car Paint?

There are five components in automotive paint or car paint.

pigment(s) – colour and opacity are imparted by prime pigments.

Binder (resin) – a polymer, also known as resin, that forms a matrix to hold the pigment in place.

Larger pigment particles are introduced as an extender to improve adhesion, reinforce the film, and preserve the binder.

solvent (also known as a thinner) – an organic solvent or water is used to lower the viscosity of the paint so that it can be applied more easily. Some paints that contain volatile organic chemicals such as hydrocarbons, which are detrimental to the environment, are being replaced by water-borne paints.

additives – substances that are used to change the qualities of liquid paint or a dry film.

Types Of Car Paint Application

When it comes to automotive paints, there are two forms of application. Primer, a bonding agent, is used in both cases. This implies that priming creates a bond between the surface beneath it and the paint that will be sprayed on top of it.

Single-stage – It is an all-in-one paint that completes the task in a single application. The gloss and colour are combined and applied to the car as one unit.

Two-stage application — apply a base coat with the colour first, then a layer of clear coat to protect the colour and provide a long-lasting finish for years of use. It is, of course, labour intensive because it is put in layers with various dry times in between.

Types of Car Paint Finishes

Solid Paint

Solid paint is the most frequent and least priced paint option. Solid paint is less expensive and easier to repair because the colour can be easily matched and scratches may be disguised. The sole disadvantage of this painting is that it is the most mundane.

Metallic Paint

Metallic paint, if you’ve ever wondered what gives certain cars their eye-catching subtle sparkle, is the solution. Aluminium powder in metallic car paint catches the light of the sun for a brilliant shine, and its light-catching properties can aid to hide minor dings and scratches.

Metallic car paint is generally more expensive. Because the colour is difficult to match, repairing dings and scratches is more difficult, thus this paint is more expensive in the short and long run. Furthermore, when you use metallic paint, your colour possibilities are quite limited.

Pearlescent Paint

Pearlescent paints are similar to metallic paints, except instead of aluminium powder, they use ceramic (mica) crystals. Because they don’t merely reflect light, but also refract it, these crystals can appear to be any colour of the rainbow. Pearlescent paint is the way to go if you want sparkling, softly coloured paint that looks different from every perspective.

Of course, like metallic paints, the hue is difficult to match and, as a result, difficult to repair. In addition, pearlescent paint is more expensive than solid paint.

Matte Paint

Matte paints are the latest craze. A matte paint job can set you back a big coin, and maintaining the paint will be challenging. The majority of paint repair and maintenance products are designed for glossy paints. 


Get your car professionally painted with car paint Auckland experts. Painting gives your car a new look. If your car has lost the shine and looks dull, get it re-painted at a workshop.