What Features Make Bulletproof Vehicles Special?

Bulletproof vehicles are useful for everyday people, businesses, and organizations. These vehicles are built to protect individuals, whether they’re law enforcement personnel, private security officials, or ordinary civilians. Troy Armoring bulletproof vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and can take on many different forms. From bulletproof compartments to glass, that’s especially strong to installed gun ports, these vehicles are engineered as highly effective defenses against the threat of a shooting incident.

When you’re looking for a high-value vehicle with exceptional protection features, you must look for bulletproof cars. These custom-built vehicles are reliable and cost-effective and provide outstanding protection with an affordable price tag.

Let us now see what makes bulletproof vehicles special.

  • Bulletproof glass

Bulletproof glass, which can be found on many bulletproof vehicles, is a type of glass that’s specially treated to stop bullets from penetrating it. This treatment involves reheating the glass and covering it with a polymer resin tinted with metals, such as Technium, Copper, or Iron. The treated glass is then heat-treated again to ensure its durability and resistance. Bulletproof windows are able to stop high-velocity projectiles such as bullets, shrapnel, and shrapnels, but they don’t stop them instantly.

  • Runflat tires

Runflat tires are a type of tire that’s specially designed to absorb the energy of a blow and continue running safely. These tires contain a polyisoprene core, which is thick and cushioned, making them strong enough to bear the force of a bullet or shrapnel.

  • Electrified door handles

Electrified door handles are electrically powered and serve the purpose of making the vehicle more secure and safe. With this feature, it’s possible for the driver to open the doors with a remote or keypad, or simply just by twisting the handle. The result is that individuals can enter and exit their vehicles safely without being held at gunpoint or shot at from afar.

  • Deadbolt locks

Deadbolts are lock systems that are typically fitted on doors and windows to keep them in place. They’re made with a pin and tumbler system that prevents the bolt from being lifted unless the correct key is inserted into the deadbolt. Deadbolts are very useful in protecting vehicles from criminals who are trying to make off with them.

  • Blinding lights

Blinding lights are a type of vehicle modification that’s useful in helping you deter criminals and trespassers. These lights can be found on bulletproof cars and trucks, allowing their drivers to blind assailants when they come too close to the vehicle.