Top Reasons Why You Should Use OEM Parts For Your Car

You have the right to demand an np1 transfer case and other OE parts if you’ve been involved in a car accident. Does it matter what spare parts my mechanic uses to repair my car? OEM replacement parts are critical in your car’s repair to ensure function, safety, and proper fit.

What are OEM parts?

OEM is an acronym for an original equipment manufacturer. OEM car parts are made to the factory specifications for proper fit during the repair.

Typically, OE parts are manufactured by the supplier that stocks in the original factory build. Therefore, car owners are guaranteed that the materials used are identical to the initial ones. You can expect your car to run as before the accident or maintenance.

OE parts are made by studying the existing car parts and creating exact duplicates before stocking them with branded suppliers. On the other hand, duplicate car parts may not be reliable or durable.

OE parts have also been tested on the vehicle and established to work as the initial parts. Often non-OEM parts do not pass the strenuous quality tests. Additionally, there is no regulatory authority that examines off-brand parts.

Aftermarket parts are not sourced from the original dealer; instead, they’re designed to function as OE equivalent and sell at a lower cost than OEM.

Reasons for recommending OEM parts

  1. Proper fit

No off-brand part will fit in your car like OEM parts. OEM parts are specifically made for the initial car make and model. Therefore, OEM parts return your vehicle to factory specifications and its original state. OEM parts are easy to install and have zero room for error. Consequently, there will be no open spaces or threads during part replacements. If you want the car you had before the accident or repaired, insist on OEM parts for your vehicle.

  1. Warranty

Often non-OEM parts nullify the warranty. Many OEM parts come with a warranty, allowing you the opportunity to return if problems occur. OEM parts give you the peace of mind that you’ll not lose your money and car’s condition. Therefore, ensure you purchase your vehicle from an authorized dealer and ask for details about OEM parts.

  1. Assured quality

Off-brand parts differ in quality. Therefore, you cannot be sure the parts will function as the previous one before repair. However, OEM parts work seamlessly and are as exact as the earlier parts. The quality restores your car’s condition as when you first purchased it. You don’t second-guess your purchase quality when you insist on OEM parts,

  1. Enhanced safety

Your car’s mechanical safety is based on the type of parts used for repair and maintenance. OEM parts guarantee the overall security you enjoyed when you first bought the car. However, your safety dwindles when you switch to using off-brand parts. Aftermarket parts compromise safety mechanisms, depending on the part replaced during repair.


Typically, car manufacturers make OEM parts. The manufacturer can also authorize a third party to supply OEM parts. Therefore, OEM parts are superior to the aftermarket alternative. Therefore, insist on OEM parts and dealers during repairs to guarantee you the proper fit, quality, safety, and warranty.