The Process of Renting a Sports Car in Thailand

There is no better way of exploring the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand than renting and driving a sports car. It gives you the freedom to create your own schedule, get off its beaten path and move at your own pace. You will be able to discover its natural parks, sandy beaches, and quaint villages. Using a sports car to do so will help you get to your destination in style, making every moment fun and memorable. Read on to understand the process of renting a sports car in Thailand.

1. Reserve the Car 

There are many companies that rent out sports cars in Thailand. Do your research online by using the term “เช่ารถสปอร์ต” and compare their prices, policies, and models. Find the suitable one and reserve it online. Booking online helps you get better deals than asking and paying at the counter. You also don’t want to do this after a tiresome flight. Consider using comparison portals such as RentalCars, Expedia, RentalCarGroup, or Skyscanner. These portals will help you weigh your options and get the best sports car rental deal in Thailand. They are fast, effective and provide side-by-side comparisons of important details such as costs and available vehicles. The ratings are also displayed by previous users. You will therefore get a glimpse of the real experience beforehand.

2. Signing the Car Rental Contract 

You cannot rent any type of car in Thailand without signing a car rental contract. This contract is a document that is legally binding. It protects the company and anyone who rents their cars. To avoid problems later, it is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions in the contract. The contracts vary from one company to another. If you are using an international company, you are likely to get their terms and conditions online. Before you sign the contract, it is important that you note these three things:

  • Refill the tank– before returning a rented sports car in Thailand, you must refill its tank with gas. Alternatively, you can pay your car rental company to do the refilling. It is recommended that you do it yourself. Why? The car rental company will do so at a higher price.
  • Excess mileage– stay within the mileage limits in the contract if you are limited. You will be charged very high fees for excess mileage.
  • Returning the car– the car needs to be returned at the agreed time or earlier. Check the contract well to understand your company’s return policy and comply to avoid extra charges.

3. Inspecting the Rental Sports Car

Before signing the car rental contract, examine the sports car alongside one of the company’s members. In case of any damage, dent, or scratch, let the member of staff see it and note it. Ensure that you and the company keep a clear and signed record so that you are not charged for the issues upon returning the sports car. Ensure that the sports car has valid license plates and fully inflated tires. The car should also be clean.

4. Picking up the rental sports car and dropping it off 

When renting a sports car in Thailand, consider the airport you arrive in and the airport through which you leave. Select a drop-off location that suits you. This may not be a problem for most car rental companies in Thailand since they have several offices in different parts of the country. You may also want to consider booking the company’s delivery and pick-up service in advance if you so wish. It could be free or charged depending on how far you are from their nearest rental office.

The car will be inspected by a staff member during drop-off. You will be expected to pay for any damages caused.


It is possible to enjoy exploring the Kingdom of Thai in a rented sports car. It will be comfortable, fun, and stylish, making your experience even better. The process of renting a sports car in Thailand is usually the same regardless of the company used.