The obvious things to consider when buying an off-road caravan

The main objective of an off-road caravan is to resist the most difficult routes, uneven roads, and harshest circumstances that the Australian terrain has to offer.

A robust frame with firm connectors for extra attachments is typical of an off-road caravan. However, before making an off-road caravan purchase, make sure you consider the steps below in aid of customising your recreational vehicle according to your own needs.

  1. Review the Warranty- There are hints in the warranty papers that might help you determine whether or not a caravan is suitable for off-roading. Is the van covered by a warranty if it’s used off-road? You shouldn’t be confident in the caravan’s off-road performance if the manufacturer isn’t.
  2. Inquire about the “off-road” use- Try prodding the seller to see whether the caravan is truly constructed for off-road use or if the word is being used as a marketing ploy. Inquire about the terrain it can manage. If they respond with anything like “graded gravel paths”, the vehicle is probably not up to much more than simple dirt roads. That’s OK if that’s all you intend to accomplish. This should be a red flag if you wish to tow it through more difficult terrain.
  3. Establish the balance between strength and weight- This is crucial when buying an off-road caravan. It must be well-built for off-road use, which necessitates the use of heavy-duty components. When it comes to off-road hauling, though, lighter is better. Lyfe RV aims to strike the correct balance by employing heavy-duty materials where they’re needed (chassis/frame and drawbar) and lightweight materials where possible (walls, floor and cabinetry).
  4. Determine what is essential in the way of accessories- In addition to the previous point, the more lavish accessories on a caravan, the heavier it will be thus compromising its ability to handle off-road. Sure, having a bathroom larger than some households, complete with a full-size washing machine is convenient, but you’ll pay for it in off-road performance. When it comes to off-road comfort, determining what you can’t live without and what you can’t is key to buying an off-road caravan.
  5. Consider the durability of the chassis and drawbar- For an off-road caravan, these should be clearly bigger and stronger than those of on-road caravans, with the A-frame members spanning the length of the van. For long-term protection and durability, it should be made of high-quality steel and hot-dip galvanized. For off-road use, the chassis and drawbar should be covered under warranty.
  6. Ensure high quality off-road suspension- It’s only natural that an off-road caravan would have an off-road suspension system to help it navigate tough, uneven terrain. Off-road touring will be more comfortable which is all taken care of by the independent suspension with coil springs and shock absorbers.

Whether you are a family seeking that perfect break or a pair of renowned adventurers who have earned some “off-road” luxury, Lyfe RV is fully equipped to meet your needs. Please consider the above steps as a guide to making an informed purchase and feel free to contact Lyfe RV who are always ready to help you find the perfect off-road caravan.