Making These Four Car Mistakes Will Land You In Trouble!

Experienced drivers know the Knick and knack of vehicles, but they, too, make mistakes that cost them a lot. Cars are simple, buy a good one, maintain it and drive ethically. If you have any doubts, reach out to the experts instead of handling them yourself since automobiles are significantly specialized machines.

Here are four car mistakes that have led to a significant rise in accidents worldwide. When you look carefully, you’ll know these are silly things! When it comes to cars, instead of trusting your intuition, go with the facts!

1. You Stop Your Car Abruptly

If your vehicle stops suddenly in the middle of the road, it’s big trouble for you and your surrounding vehicles. If you do this intentionally or if it happens by mistake, the vehicles behind you may crash into your car.

It also makes it hard for emergency vehicles to reach you in the middle of the traffic. If you sense some issue with your car, park it on the side of the road safely and carefully.

2. Repairing Your Car Yourself

Experts know how to do the repairs seamlessly. Doing it yourself is not the best option; you may further increase the damage or even lead to another problem. Experts know the autonomy of vehicles; they can do these things quickly!

If you have any such issues and your car stops working, immediately call a Slide car Rama 4 (รถสไลด์พระราม4, which is the term in Thai) or Slide car Lat Krabang to rescue you and fix your car as soon as possible.

3. Driving Unconsciously

Can be lethal to you? Going when you are drunk, depressed, or sick is a big NO. it does not matter how experienced you are, don’t do this and put yourself and your passengers at risk. Letting your emotions take over will result in over speeding and rash driving. Again, whatever happens, don’t do this.

4. Overlooking Minor Issues

Automobile vehicles are solid and durable, but with some things, they are fragile. Neglecting a minor issue will lead to a big problem soon. Go for regular repairs and keep your vehicle in the best shape possible.


Now that you know about these common mistakes make a pact for your safety to follow expert guidelines and drive nicely. After all, it’s a matter of your or your loved ones’ safety. Precision is better than cure; instead of making silly mistakes, have patience and persistence.