How to sell my junk car for cash in Brisbane

Selling a junk car in Brisbane is extremely simple. There are many companies that will send a representative directly to the location of the vehicle to inspect it and make a cash offer. You must choose the company that evaluates the car well, and offer you good Cash for cars.

Clean the car of all your belongings and trash

Take out all your personal items such as CDs, GPS devices, radar detectors, books, documents and anything else you do not want to lose. It is a good time to throw out all the junk that is accumulated on the vehicle as it can help make your junk car more attractive to a potential buyer and can help you command a higher box price.

Research companies that buy junk cars in Brisbane

Look along your local Brisbane newspapers for advertisements for companies that buy junk cars. You are sure to find a number of ads in the auto classifieds section, and possibly display ads in other sections of the newspapers. Alternatively, you can search the Internet for companies that buy running or non-running vehicles.

Has a potential buyer come and see the vehicle

Call a few companies in Brisbane to see which one can have someone get to you the fastest – it could be the owner or a representative – and schedule an appointment for the preview. Most companies will send a tow truck to pick up the garbage car, with or without the engine running.

Accept a cash offer and sign on the Brisbane vehicle title

If the dealership representative inspects the vehicle and decides to make a cash offer to buy your junk car and you choose to close the deal, you will have to sign on the car title after the money changes hands, by Brisbane Motor Vehicle new regulations from the Commission.

Ask for a receipt

Have the representative give you a dated receipt, preferably on company letterhead, explaining that the company purchased the vehicle from you and indicating the amount of money paid for the car. The garbage car will then be towed away or driven away of your property.

Know the value of your car

You should also be aware of the value of your car. Even if it is sitting in the garage, unable to move, it still has at least some value. You can take help of online calculators. They let you research your car’s value free so you can determine the best selling price you can afford. You can enter your car’s condition to get the most accurate value. That way, you will know how much your car is worth, and you can avoid being tricked into agreeing to a low price for a car that can cost hundreds of Australian dollars more.

Avoid scammers

Some telltale signs of a swindle to watch out for include –

  • A buyer who wants to buy the car without seeing it in person
  • Buyer who pays by check in general
  • A buyer who offers a payment plan
  • A buyer who wants a test drive