How to Empty Your Motor Home Grey Water Tank?

Have you noticed that the cooking area sink in your motor home has a little water that will not go down? Maybe the commode bowl has a bit more water than normal? That means your storage tank is complete and you need to locate a dump station to drain pipes in the holding tanks!

Some truck stops have motor home dump terminals; however, if you’re uncertain where/how to look for these areas, take a look at this map of motor home dump stations!

Before anything, we extremely suggest draining your black container first. By doing this, if there’s any type of remaining drainage from the black container in the sewage system pipe, the greywater will clean it away.

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Alright, now that we have those steps out of the method, it’s time to enter the nitty-gritty.

  • See to it to place rubber gloves on. No matter how cautious you are, you could be sprinkled with black or greywater.
  • Get rid of the caps covering the holding container, as well as connect your sewage system hose.
  • Put your drain pipe in the dump hole, as well as secure it in position. If the tube won’t tighten up completely, lay something hefty on top of it to firmly keep it in position, such as a container or a block.
  • Open the black water storage tank value as well as empty. When the black water is ended up draining, open the grey water valve and drainpipe.
  • Once both recreational vehicle containers are drained, replenish them with drainpipe and water again.
  • Close each valve and detach your sewage system hose from the outlet. Remove the hose from the dump opening, also make sure you get all of the water out as well as rinse it extensively if you discover any kind of nasty smells.
  • Cover the dump opening, as well as shop your sewer hose pipe away.

While you do not have to do it each time you drain your motor home containers, we advise cleaning your motor home’s grey water tank periodically to keep foul smells away.

Crucial Note: Please ensure you don’t just unload greywater into some bushes or an arbitrary area as it’s unlawful, as well as gross, and disrespectful. The food particles left in the greywater storage tank from sink water, as well as any/all chemical items you utilize to clean your sinks as well as shower, drains all being in the grey water tank till it’s emptied. What you’re left with is filthy water with a nasty odor, something that no person intends to smell.