How This Car Company In Dubai Is Changing How You Rent Forever

If you’re traveling to Dubai this year, you’re in for a treat. The world’s tallest building, man-made islands, desert safari, and an abundance of interesting museums are waiting for you. Your traveling experience should be as stress-free and convenient as possible. However, you may find traveling within a new city difficult to navigate and understand. Purchasing a vehicle or utilizing ride-hailing services for the duration of your stay may become expensive over time. 

Recent studies have shown that private car ownership has been reduced by approximately 80% due to increased demand for car-sharing and car rental services. While traditional car rental services can help you explore a city more efficiently; there are often various obstacles to renting a car while traveling that make it time-consuming and inconvenient. These may include complex documentation and compliance processes, inconvenient paperwork, and financial deposits. 

ekar, an on-demand car rental solution is completely changing how tourists and long-term visitors are renting cars in Dubai. Their approach has the potential to transform car rental processes and almost completely eliminate various complexities associated with it. 

So how is ekar transforming car rental processes? 

  1. Access To A Large Network of Vehicles

When visiting a new city or country, you may have different requirements depending on the distance you will be traveling, your budget, and the amount of space you may require. ekar allows you to access a large network of different vehicles ranging from different sizes, mileage levels, prices, and models. Such a large and comprehensive network means that you will be able to rent a vehicle depending on your current preferences and also switch between various vehicles during your stay.

This also means that you will be able to locate, reserve, and begin driving any of the vehicles that are strategically placed throughout the city. This ensures that a vehicle suiting your needs is always conveniently placed nearby. Once you are done with the vehicle, all you have to do is drop the vehicle off at any approved parking location. 

  1. Simplified Verification Processes

Traditional car rental services typically involve extensive paperwork, documentation, and verification processes. The process is tedious and limits the time you can dedicate to exploring the city. 

This streamlined model enables you to verify your driving eligibility in the app itself and provides 24*7 customer support. This verification process typically takes no more than 10-15 minutes; allowing you to avoid time-consuming documentation processes and begin exploring sooner. 

  1. Pay-Per-Minute Pricing Models

Traveling can easily become expensive if you’re on a strict budget. However, instead of limiting your exploration or drastically exceeding your planned budget, you can leverage a pay-per-minute, on-demand pricing model. You will be able to make your stay much more enjoyable and economical by taking advantage of low-cost mobility with no hidden costs. Users in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can also avail the benefits of complimentary fuel with no extra charges. 

  1. Subscription Rentals

Long-term visitors that may require a vehicle for several weeks or months at a time may consider purchasing a car for the extent of their stay. However, this can be impractical and can become expensive in the long run. 

ekar’s optimized car rental model allows long-term visitors to avail all the benefits of purchasing a car with minimal commitments. All drivers have to do is select a vehicle that suits their requirements and it will be delivered to their chosen home address within an average time of 3 hours in Dubai and 24 hours in other Emirates. Furthermore, ekar covers all maintenance and insurance requirements for the entire duration of the car rental. 

  1. A Comprehensive Super Application

Traditional car rental services typically involve drawn-out processes such as verification, maintenance, insurance, customer service, and much more. Furthermore, the process of selecting, renting, and returning a vehicle can often be challenging and complex. However, this simplified car rental model can help you avoid hassles during your trip by providing you with a comprehensive, straightforward super application. 

This means that tourists, short-term, and long-term visitors can navigate their entire car rental experience; from eligibility verification, selecting a vehicle, transaction processing, and customer support through one unified and centralized mobile application. 

With ekar, you don’t have to worry about transportation in the city. You can focus all your time and effort on exploring everything the city has to offer!