Diamond Shield Management Korea Review the Top Car Maintenance Tricks for Beginners

Owning a car entails many responsibilities, and neglect can cause several issues and problems over time. Therefore, it’s better to do your due diligence in maintaining your vehicle to prevent costly, expensive, or permanent damage. It would help if you took appropriate measures according to changes in temperatures and weather conditions.

This Diamond Shield Management Korea review has compiled a list of the top car maintenance tips great for beginners:

1. Plan your maintenance service schedules and don’t miss them

New cars often have service appointments based on the distance covered or allocated time. The first free service is usually available for brand new vehicles. Recently manufactured cars have oil changes or checkup features, but you may have to manually take note of those details for older cars. Get to know your mechanic and service coordinator for faster scheduling and planning.

2. Use the right fuel

Diamond Shield Management Korea Review states that one of the critical questions to ask your car dealership involves the kind of fuel required to run your brand new car. Part of maintenance is ensuring that you feed your car the right fuel to ensure that your engine doesn’t encounter problems.

3. Regular oil changes

As a beginner, you must ask the manufacturer about oil before buying a new car. Oil is essential in lubrication and ensuring that your engine runs smoothly, so you must check what oil weight you should apply.

Here are the three types of oil available:

  • Mineral – affordable but breaks down quickest.
  • Semi-synthetic – mid-range with considerable breakdown timing.
  • Synthetic – most pricey and endures the longest.

Each lubricant has its designated breakdown limit, so you must regularly replace oil as scheduled.

4. Mind your battery

The battery is one of the key components that helps your car function correctly, especially when you have an automatic or electric car. Therefore, you should take care of your battery life by not turning on interior lights, radio, or headlights without the engine running.

Sometimes, you drain the battery by leaving a car door ajar all night. So you must check that all the lights are off and doors are properly closed before leaving your car, which is a good, reliable, cheap maintenance practice.

5. Drive your car often

Diamond Shield Management Korea review states that you should use your brand new vehicle in different conditions as part of maintenance. You won’t know about issues until you start using your car on the road, so make sure you are attentive while taking your vehicle for a spin.

Before driving your car, do a quick ocular inspection of its external appearance and correct the windshield wipers, mirrors, and other features not controlled by the car automatically.


The older your car becomes, the more you have to take note of its maintenance schedules so that it may become more pricey over time. Taking better care of your vehicle will improve its performance and reduce repair costs in the long run. You may have to determine if the maintenance expenses are worth a brand new car.