Best off road bike tyres in India

Are you searching for the best off-road bike tires for your vehicle? Look no further! However, before I reveal my list of top picks, it’s crucial to understand the importance of having Premium bike tyres in India.

Having the right off-road bike tires is crucial for riders in India because the terrain in India can be challenging and varied.Whether riders are tackling steep hills, rocky trails, or muddy tracks, they need tires that can provide the necessary traction and control.

The wrong tires can make riding difficult and dangerous and cause damage to the bike. In addition, the weather in India can be unpredictable, with sudden rain or storms, so tires need to be able to handle wet and slippery conditions.

So, choosing the right off-road bike tires can make all the difference in a rider’s ability to control the terrain and enjoy the ride while staying safe. It’s important for riders to carefully consider their needs and choose tires that are specifically designed for the type of terrain they will be riding on.You may be wondering why you should read this article when there are numerous other blogs on this topic.

The answer is simple: we have conducted thorough research to ensure we can offer you the most accurate and relevant suggestions for the best off-road bike tires available in the Indian market. So, if you’re looking for the best options, you’re in the right place!

Two Wheelers Off-road Tyre Buying Considerations.

There are several things to consider before purchasing the best two wheeler off-road bike tire. Here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind:

  1. Tread pattern and design: The tread pattern and design of the tire play a crucial role in its performance. Look for a tire with deep, aggressive treads that can provide traction on various surfaces.
  2. Tire size and fit: Ensure you select your bike’s correct size and fit. Refer to your bike’s owner manual or consult a professional to ensure you purchase the correct tire size.
  3. Terrain type and conditions: The terrain and weather conditions you plan to ride in will impact your tire choice. For example, if you’re planning to ride in muddy or wet conditions, you may want to consider a tire with broader, more spaced-out treads.
  4. Tubeless or tube-type: Decide whether you want a tubeless or tube-type tire. Tubeless tires offer better performance and reduced chances of punctures, but they can be more expensive.
  5. Brand and quality: Choose a reputable brand and look for high-quality tires made with durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of off-road riding.
  6. Price: Price is essential when purchasing an off-road bike tire, as high-quality tires can be expensive. It’s critical to set a budget for yourself and look for tires that fit within that budget. However, it’s also important not to sacrifice quality for price, as cheaper tires may not provide the same level of performance or durability as more expensive options. It’s a good idea to compare prices and features of different tires from various brands to find the best balance of price and quality for your needs. Additionally, remember that investing in a high-quality tire can save you money in the long run, as you’ll need to replace the tire less frequently and may avoid costly repairs due to tire-related issues.

Top 5 Two Wheelers Off-road Bike Tyres in India 2023

1. MRF Motogrip Meteor Grip

The MoGrip Meteor M is an exclusive series of motorcycle tires manufactured by MRF. These tires are constructed using superior technology, which makes them sturdy and durable. They feature rigid sidewalls and a strong interior that withstand rough riding conditions. These tires perform exceptionally well in both wet and dry weather conditions.

MRF offers the MoGrip Meteor M in various sizes. The smallest tire in this series is sized 2.75/18, which is suitable for motorcycles such as the Honda Unicorn and TVS Star City Plus. On the other hand, the largest tire in this series is sized 120/90-17, which is ideal for motorcycles like the Benelli 300 TMT and Triumph Speed.

The MoGrip Meteor M has a unique tread design that features continuous deep grooves from the center to the corner. This design provides excellent grip and cornering capabilities. The deep grooves channel water away from the contact patch, which helps resist aquaplaning and provides better traction when cornering.

Furthermore, these tires are designed with an innovative tread compound and robust construction that minimizes tread wear. The tread pattern provides confident wet and dry grip performance, making it suitable for all riding conditions.

2. Ceat Mielage 2.75.18

Introducing the CEAT Milaze – a motorcycle tyre that is an absolute game-changer! This multifaceted tyre is the perfect solution for riders who want an all-in-one tyre that excels in every aspect of bike riding. Whether you’re on a challenging city road or cruising down the highway, the CEAT Milaze is guaranteed to provide you with a smooth, stable ride.

As the name suggests, this tyre allows riders to extract maximum mileage from their bike thanks to its long-lasting durability. With more rubber on the tread, this tyre can handle all your long-distance trips without sweat. The knobby patterned design provides excellent traction on dry surfaces, ensuring a flawless handling experience.

Not only that, but the CEAT Milaze has an advanced tread design that disperses water efficiently, making it perfect for rainy weather. Say goodbye to skidding and hello to a stable, safe ride!

This tire’s rigid and robust sidewall structure is engineered to withstand long continuous trips without any trouble, providing the ultimate stability and endurance in unfavorable conditions. And, using an advanced compound, the tyre’s tread wears gradually, ensuring that you get those extra miles out of your ride.

The CEAT Milaze is a class apart regarding long tyre life. It’s available in both tube-type and tubeless versions, making it accessible to riders with different preferences.

3. TVS Jumbo GT


The Jumbo GT is an amazing off-road tyre for an extraordinary ride! It has large blocks with wide grooves that provide excellent traction and clean themselves well, even under harsh road conditions. The special Nylon Reinforcement Bonding system gives it unbeatable performance and high durability, with resistance to cuts and wear. It’s perfect for loose unpaved terrain or muddy roads, making it an ideal off-roading companion.

The Jumbo GT has an asymmetric tread pattern that handles uneven and unpredictable terrain easily. You can trust it to provide efficient handling and a smooth, comfortable, excellent, and safe experience. The EXPLORER (Off-Road, All Weather) Tyres are perfect for riders who love to explore and go on road adventures. These tyres offer exceptional control even in the most arduous off-road terrains, enhancing durability, stability, and comfort.

The Jumbo GT is compatible with a wide range of vehicles such as Bajaj Boxer 150, Bajaj Discover 150 F, Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS / XCD 135, Bajaj Pulsar 150 /Pulsar 150 NS / AS150, Bajaj Pulsar 400 SS, Bajaj V15, Hero Ignitor, Honda CBF Stunner, TVS Phoenix/Flame/Victor GLX 125, Yamaha SZ RR / SZ S. So, if you’re looking for a tyre that can take you on an extraordinary off-road adventure, the Jumbo GT can be a good option for you!

4. TVS Eurogrip DuraPro

These tyres boast a small block design on the shoulders, providing unbeatable cornering grip for ultimate performance.

The stylish and trendy design features moderate size blocks on the center tread arranged in a unique sine wave pattern, making it highly suitable for mixed road applications.

With a wide range of quality products and exceptional service, TVS Eurogrip promises a smooth, comfortable, and safe riding experience.

If you’re a rider who loves exploring both on-road and off-road terrains, TVS Euro grip Dura Pro Tubeless Tyre For Motorcycle is the perfect fit for you.

The Crossover (Mixed Road, All Weather) Tyres are designed to handle unpaved countryside roads, pothole-filled city roads, and any terrain or weather condition you may encounter.

These tyres are compatible with various motorcycles, including Hero HF Dawn, Hero HF Deluxe, Hero Splendor, Mahindra Pantero, and Yamaha Crux and YBR. Enjoy a smooth and steady ride with TVS Eurogrip DuraPro Tubeless Tyre!


To sum it up, it’s essential to consider your requirements and budget before selecting a suitable two wheeler off-road tyre for your bike. I advise against choosing cheaper options as they may wear out quickly and compromise grip. You could consider purchasing a high-quality Michelin tyre if budget isn’t a concern. If you have any queries, feel free to comment, and we’ll do our utmost to assist you.