Benefits to HVLP vs Airless Paint Sprayer for Your Next Paint Project With Apollo Sprayers

When it comes to deciding between HVLP vs. airless paint sprayers and which is better, it is difficult to say because both can be used for different projects. However, an HVLP (high volume, low pressure) uses a compressor or turbine to atomize the paint. With this, the sprayer holds color in a cup attached to the gun and uses a fluid needle for paint. In comparison, the airless paint sprayer uses a pressurized pump and spray tip. These differences are enough to make the paint come out differently and cause a different reaction on the surface you are painting.

Things to Consider With HVLP vs. Airless Paint Sprayers

An Overspray Factor

Airless Sprays produce more overspray due to a higher pressure rate than HVLP sprayers. If you are not careful and notice overspray, you can ruin the project you are working on. That is why it is crucial to know when to use an HVLP vs airless paint sprayer.

Thinning Necessities

Most airless materials are thin enough to pump into the spray gun without thinning the paint first. However, HVLP does need to be thinned before there’s a chance of clogging the paint gun or the material being too thick. The idea of thinning your paint does take time to get just right and may take a few tries!

Finishing Touches

With an HVLP, you can create more of a finer finish due to the lower air pressure capabilities. You have more control over your coating thickness and the paint flow coming out. It is all about the spray pattern you release to get the perfect finish you are looking to achieve.

Thinking about HVLP vs. Airless paint sprayers, it is essential to always keep your project in mind and think about all aspects before you begin. There is more than one way to do painting projects, and HVLP systems are top-of-the-line most of the time. However, sometimes, an airless paint sprayer may come in handy! Professionals at Apollo Sprayers are here to help you decide what your options are and the best way to get the paint job done for your project!

Different Methods Make Painting Fun with Apollo Sprayer

When it comes to finding ways to complete your project, we want you to think of all the outcomes. There is always more than one way to do a paint job, so you might as well ask a professional for advice on what you are working on. If you are between HVLP vs. airless paint sprayer projects, most of the time, an HVLP is going to be your go-to. You can do more and cover more area with them.

It is vital to have an idea of the project you want to accomplish before looking for tools to start a painting project. There are different ways to successfully complete a project, and it is crucial that you invest in all the right parts to do the best paint job you can. If it’s a little advice you need, reach out to us to learn more about HVLP vs. airless paint sprayers and how you can create the best paint job for the project you are working on.