5 Must-Have Accessories on a Road Trip

For long or off-road trips, the motorcycle rider must have the right gear and accessories. These accessories can make your travel safer and more comfortable. These are the five essential accessories for your next long-distance bike ride.

  1. Navigation Mount

GPS units make cross-country motorcycle trips more enjoyable, despite their cost. Having an accurate location at your fingertips is essential to avoid getting lost. A GPS bike mountscan be attached to the motorcycle, making it easy to read even in bright sunlight. For hands-free calling, you can pair a compatible model with your smartphone. Compatible GPS systems can warn you of curvy or hilly roads and help you avoid major highways.

  1. Motorcycle Luggage Straps

A sturdy motorcycle strap is another essential accessory to take along. A motorcycle luggage strap should have a high-quality nylon strap with an adjustable buckle for your bags. Furthermore, it weighs only 200 grams and has a 15 x 10 x five cm dimension. The belt features fail-safe technology for your convenience. This accessory is perfect for carrying your gear on long rides. A durable and comfortable tank strap will keep your motorcycle in top condition. Moreover, you can adjust your handlebar barbacks to improve your riding position and enhance comfort during the trip.

  1. Small Tool Kit

Another essential accessory for motorcycle travelers is a small tool kit. This toolkit can provide several tools needed for quick repairs. Including a crescent wrench, locking pliers, a simple socket set, flashlight, and Allen wrench set are all great motorcycle accessories. You can also consider carrying duct tape, extra fuses, and baling wire. If you are traveling in a hot or cold country, be sure to keep these handy motorcycle accessories.

Riders should include protective rain gear on any trip that involves riding for a long time. Two-piece rain suits are convenient for storing and are more visible on the road. If your bike breaks down, a portable jump starter is a lifesaver. Today’s jump starters are compact; some can even charge cell phones and other electronics. Investing in a motorcycle light that’s ultra-bright and waterproof will go a long way.

To know more about the matter, read this infographic from Motorrad Garage.